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Some people are just destined to do things in their lives, something that is definitely understood by the ‘Chosen One’ himself, LeBron James. 

For some people it may be as simple as taking over their father’s company and for other’s it may be attending their parent’s alma matter. But, for LeBron James, his destiny has always been, different.

See, children born into immense poverty are not only seemingly destined to continue that line of poverty in their family but, certainly are not destined to be a world famous sports prodigy in the discussion as the greatest ever at what they do. However, that is where LeBron James finds himself. He lived up to the tattoo he got on his back and the seemingly impossible expectations bestowed on him as a teenager in Akron Ohio and became one of the greatest basketball players of all-time.

​As we have now learned though, it was simply just him following his destiny. 


The question now becomes though, what is next for the man who has somehow accomplished all of this? What could he possibly do to enhance his legacy?

Enter Magic Johnson and the Los Angeles Lakers.

In every major sport, their are franchises that just feel, different. Real Madrid, Manchester United, the New York Yankees and Dallas Cowboys, something about them is just bigger from the rest of their various leagues and sports. That franchise in the NBA is of course, the Los Angeles Lakers.

Since their arrival in Los Angeles, the Lakers have represented the type of star power and winning that could only be possible in the city they call home. Kobe Bryant, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Wilt Chamberlain, Jerry West, Shaquille O’Neal, Elgin Baylor and many more each would be most franchise’s greatest player but for the Lakers, they just represent the brand of star power and excellence that makes them so different from the rest of the NBA. 

No player embodies the unique star power, brand and persona of the Lakers like their current president Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson. As the greatest Laker of all-time, Magic by no means had to take the job as president of his beloved Lakers. But, Magic felt obligated to save his franchise, the one that means so much to him and millions across the world, from the years of ineptitude they were stuck in. 

So what does Magic do to save his Lakers? He finds a way to recruit the one player since Johnson left the league that has found a way to play with the type of magical basketball that made the Lakers president so popular in the 1980’s. 

Yes, the closest thing to Magic Johnson since he left the NBA is LeBron James. Standing at 6’8, James may be an inch shorter than Magic but, his style of play as a main ball handler, play maker extraordinaire has drawn comparisons to Magic since way back in Akron Ohio, all those years ago. 

So, what is the only way to improve an almost perfect resume for LeBron James? 

Simple, save the NBA’s most famous franchise from the ranks of the perennial lottery attendees back to championship glory. In doing so, James’s power both on and off the court will grow in ways we have never seen before. 

James has been consumed for years now with the idea of growing his brand off the court. He owns businesses such as Uninterrupted, a platform designed to give a voice to people who do not generally have one in the media. He also has business ventures like Blaze Pizza and a movie studio, both much easier to be involved in, in Los Angeles. That is not mentioning the many, many possibilities LeBron can pursue as full time member of the Souther California community. 

See, LeBron James has accomplished just about everything he possibly can on a basketball court from all-star appearances, to MVPs, to even bringing a title to his hometown of Cleveland. But, in the recent years it has become apparent that LeBron’s self created hashtag and life message of ‘#StriveForGreatness’ is about a whole lot more than just basketball.

It has become clear in his work sending kids to college and even opening his own school that LeBron James wants to change the world off the court just as much, if not more, than on it. 

The thing that many people refuse to acknowledge is that expanding on work like this and, continuing to make positive change is significantly easier in Los Angeles. 

LeBron is officially an international icon. Arguably the third most famous athlete on the planet, this platform will forever consume him.

As he has continuously showed us with his ability to not only maintain a strong marriage with his high school sweetheart, be the loving father he never had, the greatest basketball player of this generation and, still find time for his philanthropic works, you could easily say LeBron James is not only different from the the common person, he was born to do this. 

Because of this great responsibility pressed on his shoulders as an iconic, family man, sports superstar there is no better place in America to find a way to follow his message of ‘#StriveForGreatness’ than Los Angeles. 

It may bother you that LeBron did not come to your city or team, but the truth is at this point in his career, LeBron James is meant to find new ways to change what we think the term ‘Sports Superstar’ means. 

Were Houston, Philadelphia, Boston or maybe even San Antonio better ‘basketball’ fits?


But, what none of those teams and cities offer that Los Angeles does, is the chance to become a ‘Laker’, something that only those following their destiny, can truly understand.

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