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The 2018 Draft class did not disappoint in Las Vegas this summer. In fact, many players surprised the basketball world with their play for their respective teams. However, the five players referenced in this article rose above their classmates and, took the first step to having fantastic NBA careers. 

5. Deandre Ayton- Suns 

Overall Pick- 1
GP   MPG   PTS   FGM   FGA   FG%   RPG   APG   SPG   BPG 
 4      26.8    14.5     22        37     60%    10.5     0.0      1.00    1.00

Deandre Ayton was exactly what Suns fans hoped for in the 2018 Summer League. Ayton was dominant down low, fantastic on the glass and, even showed promise on the defensive end. The reason he is not higher on this list is because, he did not go above and beyond like those above him, he was just himself. The good news for Suns fans, ‘himself’, in Deandre Ayton’s case appears to have the potential to be a star. 

4. Jaren Jackson Jr- Grizzlies ​

Overall Pick- 4
GP   MPG   PTS   FGM   FGA   FG%   RPG   APG   SPG   BPG 
 5      24.4     11.2      17        42     41%      8.2      1.2       0.6      1.8

From the moment Jaren Jackson Jr took the floor in Utah, the young big man showed serious star potential. His ability to knock down the three translated beautifully but maybe even more exciting for Grizzlies fans was his dominance on the defensive end protecting the rim. He also showed flashes of athleticism guarding much smaller players on the perimeter. Overall, it was a very successful Summer League for the youngest player in the 2018 draft who, showed nothing but star potential when he was on the floor. 

3. Collin Sexton- Cavaliers ​

Overall Pick- 8
GP   MPG   PTS   FGM   FGA   FG%   RPG   APG   SPG   BPG
 7      28.7     19.6     48      112     43%     3.6       3.4      0.9      0.1

Just days after LeBron James decided to leave his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers, Cavs fans were in search of hope and, found it, in the form of Collin Sexton. Sexton was constantly the best player on the floor, leading the Cavs to the semifinals. Where he impressed most was both in his constant attack mode on offence but maybe more so in his continuous effort on the defensive end. It appears that Cavs fans will have much more to cheer for this season than previously thought thanks in large part, to Collin Sexton. 

2. Wendell Carter Jr- Bulls ​

Overall Pick- 7
GP   MPG   PTS   FGM   FGA   FG%   RPG   APG   SPG   BPG
5      28.8     14.6    27        49     55%     9.4      1.6       0.8      2.6

If there was a defensive player of the tournament award at Summer League, it would unquestionably of been Wendell Carter Jr’s. Carter Jr was even better than expected at all aspects of the defensive side from rim protection to even switching, he at multiple points took over games. However, the most encouraging part of his game for Bulls fans may have been his offensive repertoire he displayed which included fancy post foot work, three point range and, an ability to finish at the rim. Although it may be uncertain where Wendell Carter Jr was most impressive in Las Vegas what is not, is how lucky the Bulls are to have him. 

1. Kevin Knox- Knicks

Overall Pick- 9
GP   MPG   PTS   FGM   FGA   FG%   RPG   APG   SPG   BPG 
 4      32.3     21.3     27        77     35%     6.5      2.3       1.0      0.3

If you have been on NBA Twitter once during Summer League, the fact Kevin Knox is number one on this list should not surprise you. Knox stepped right in and was immediately an impact scorer at all three levels. What was most impressive though was how he showed an ability to create off the dribble something that he never really displayed at Kentucky. With his size and skill level, there is no reason at all Kevin Knox should not be a key player on the wing for the New York Knicks, something Knicks fans have been asking for, for a long time. 

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