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Top 10 Re-Draft

1. New York Knicks- Karl Malone (Original: #13 Overall)

There’s a cruel irony to the post-70’s Knicks that even if David Stern froze the envelope for them to get Patrick Ewing, it still didn’t result in them getting the best player in the draft. That status is reserved for the Mailman, Karl Malone, who put together one of the great ironman NBA careers the league has ever seen. From 1985 to 2003, Malone played in 1434 of a possible 1444 games, electrifying Jazz fans on his way to two MVPs and the second most points in league history. He may of never won a title but Malone certainly has the distinction of best player in the 1985 NBA Draft.

Original Pick: Patrick Ewing

2. Indiana Pacers- Patrick Ewing (Original: #1 Overall)

After one of the five best college basketball careers ever, Patrick Ewing entered the league already a star. Though he never lived up to the full hype of his college career, he was a top 3 player at his position for his entire prime and, got the Knicks to the NBA Finals. The biggest question mark of Ewing’s career is how it would’ve gone without so many miles in college seeing as he lost his legs earlier in his career than you’d expect. Still though, he’s a top 50 player ever, an obvious hall of famer and was a franchise changer in New York.

Original Pick: Wayman Tisdale

3. Los Angeles Clippers- Joe Dumars (Original: #18 Overall)

A Finals MVP, the original Jordan Stopper and, a hall of famer, Joe Dumars had a pretty amazing NBA career. Playing second fiddle to Isiah Thomas, Dumars starred as a Piston for the duration of his career. Dumars is definitely one of the most underrated players ever as he often gets lost in the shuffle despite all of his amazing accomplishments. He’s the kind of player who was born to play on good teams only so it’s pretty weird imagining him as an LA Clipper but, that’s why you do these re-drafts.

Original Pick: Benoit Benjamin

4. Seattle SuperSonics- Chris Mullin (Original: #7 Overall)

The Dream Team’s hired gun comes in at four. It’s hard to imagine but Chuck Daly feared the team would lack shooting so he made having Chris Mullin a must (as if any team was going to play them close). Mullin is a four-time All-NBA member who peaked on the Run TMC Warriors of the late 80s and early 90s. A career 38% shooter from three, Mullin is on the short list of guys born too early, still though his career was more than good enough to earn a top four selection.

Original Pick: Xavier McDaniel

5. Atlanta Hawks- Detlef Schrempf (Original: #8 Overall)

Detlef Schrempf was the original star German player in the NBA before some dude named Dirk came along. Much like Mullin, his game was that of a future era as he shot over 40% from three six different times and finished with a career mark of 38% from distance. Schrempf was one of the best gunners off the bench in this era as well, twice being named sixth man of the year in Indiana before moving to Seattle and seeing his role expand. It’s fun imagining what Dominique Wilkins would’ve done with the spacing Schrempf would’ve offered if this move came to fruition in real life.

Original Pick: John Koncak

6. Sacramento Kings- Terry Porter (Original: #24 Overall)

Terry Porter is arguably the best point guard in Portland Trail Blazers history (although I’m sure Dame has other ideas). During his time in Rip City, he helped lead the Blazers to two finals appearances and when he left was the franchise’s all-time assists leader which is a mark he still holds. He finished his career as a productive player after stops in Minnesota, Miami and San Antonio. Safe to say he only played for well-run franchises, not something he can say about the Kings where he’s headed in this re-draft.

Original Pick: Joe Kleine

7. Golden State Warriors- Charles Oakley (Original: #9 Overall)

Charles Oakley is a pretty different player than the Warrior’s original pick of Chris Mullin. Oakley was a bruising power forward from an era that no longer exists. His game was predicated on physicality, toughness and hard work as he became the heart and soul of Pat Riley’s 90’s Knicks teams. His fit in Golden State with Tim Hardaway and those guys is pretty hilarious to imagine, maybe he could’ve been their Draymond Green.

Original Pick: Chris Mullin

8. Dallas Mavericks- Xavier McDaniel (Original: #4 Overall)

Although the Mavericks miss out on a scorer like Detlef Schrempf, they still got bonafide bucket getter Xavier McDaniel to fill that spot. The X-Man was a key scorer to a Seattle team that made the Western Conference Finals in the late-80s and, was also good enough to earn an All-Star selection in 1987-88. He didn’t quite live up to the hype of a top four pick but his talent is too much to pass up on at eight.

Original Pick: Detlef Schrempf

9. Cleveland Cavaliers- A.C. Green (Original: #23 Overall)

It seems every one of these re-drafts the Lakers pick up a guy who went on to become a key contributor to their Showtime dynasty. A.C. Green was the religious equal to all of the sinning that went on behind closed doors in Los Angeles during the 80s. His record for most consecutive regular season games played with 1,192 will likely never be broken. Sure the Cavs miss out on Oakley but they get a guy who averaged double figures in scoring eight times and was a starter on two championship teams for the Lakers.

Original Pick: Charles Oakley

10. Phoenix Suns- Hot Rod Williams (Original: #45 Overall)

Heading to Phoenix with our final pick is Hot Rod Williams, a key contributor to the Mark Price Cleveland teams that Michael Jordan made a yearly habit of crushing their dreams. As a second-round pick, it’s pretty impressive Williams made the All-Rookie team. For his career in Cleveland, Williams averaged 13 points and seven rebounds a night over his nine seasons there. Phoenix originally went with Villanova star Ed Pinckney here but this time they play it safer and get a better player in Hot Rod Williams.

Original Pick: Ed Pinckney

Best Pick: Karl Malone

In back to back drafts Utah got franchise changing players outside the top 12, that’s pretty ludicrous and hard to imagine ever happening again.

Biggest Bust: Keith Lee

182 total games as the number 11 pick is absolutely horrendous, no wonder Jordan’s Bulls lacked so much talent early on… they couldn’t draft to save their lives!

Biggest Steal: Joe Dumars

A Hall of Famer at number 18 is borderline unheard of. I know some second round picks over contributed their draft spot but come on now, getting a Finals MVP that late is pretty insane.

Class Grade: A-

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