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With the NCAA trademarking the name ‘Battle in the Bubble’, they have the opportunity to regain some lost respect from fans after years of bad decisions. 

The NCAA is known for making poor decisions and only doing what is best for them financially and not for their business. A bubbled NCAA tournament, however, would be a chance for them to cancel out some of the bad decisionsーbut not all of them. 

Assuming this guarantees that the end of the basketball season will see 64 of the best teams in the country in one bubble, playing for one trophy, the NCAA could do almost nothing to mess this one up. 

The only way to make that more watchable and fun would be to institute the Elam Ending like The Basketball Tournament started and the NBA All-Star game did recently as well.

For those who don’t know what the Elam Ending is, it’s a fun new way that takes place of the traditional way of ending a game. At a decided point in the fourth quarterーor if the NCAA would use it the second halfーnormally after the first dead ball under the four minute mark. The two teams then try to reach a target score that is eight points added to the leading teams score. 

The first team to reach that score would win the game and advance. The Elam Ending cancels out the late game fouling that adds minutes and minutes onto the end of the game.

The ending is more natural and fun for everyone. 

Now will the NCAA change the way they end games for one tournament onlyーprobably not, they don’t like change. But, with the possibility of a bubble and in a world where nothing is the same as it was last year or even as things were last week, a change would be nice for this one year. 

The Battle in the Bubble has so many opportunities to make it the best tournament of recent memory, but the NCAA has to make the right decisions.

Making no decisions and just playing the tournament normally would make it great, but adding the Elam Ending would make it perfect. 

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