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Los Angeles Clippers vs Denver Nuggets

Line: Los Angeles -8.5

Pick: Nuggets +8.5

The longer this series goes, the more Denver impresses. They have shown an incredible ability to stay around against this Clippers team that is extremely impressive.

Jamal Murray has found a way to continue his playoff coming out party despite playing against elite Clipper defenders. Nikola Jokic meanwhile has shown his unique skillset has a much higher ceiling for winning in this league than many expected.

Maybe most impressive for them in game five were the contributions of Paul Millsap and Michael Porter Jr.. Millsap provided a spark that likely saved the team’s season in the third quarter while Porter Jr. hit the exact shot he complained about not getting in game four’s post game press conference.

For the Clippers, simply put, their closing mentality has to be better. Last night, the Lakers displayed the type of intensity and desperation needed to close out a good team. In game five, the Clippers completely fell asleep at the wheel in the second half and it cost them.

Today’s game is one of those ones that’ll prove why you make the extremely agressive moves they did in order to bring in Paul George and Kawhi Leonard. That level of player just finds a way to thrive in moments like this.

Denver has proved more than enough in this series that 8.5 points is too many to give them. That said, I see the Clippers advancing after today’s game.

They saw the problems the Lakers will pose for them and they’ll be more motivated than ever to advance. I expect a four quarter effort for them in a tough, hard fought win over this feisty Nuggets squad.

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